Fabric Depot carries an extensive line of Exotic and Metallic Lycras suitable for swimwear, athletic wear, leotards, dance and skate costumes, cosplay, equestrian  outfits, etc.   Exotic Lycras include holographic overlays, stretch lame, "liquid" metallics, "wet look" overlays, etc.  Metallic Lycras have a light metallic overlay design on a print lycra.  These lycras can be either 2-way or 4-way stretch fabric.  Other colors available in most solid colored fabrics.  Sample Sets Recommended.  Click on image for details. One yard order minimum. 

Sample Set Available for Exotic Lycras                      $2 USD each                               
Individual Samples of Metallic Lycras Available        $1 USD each 
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Additional Colors Available (no image): FE210 GO - Gold Liquid Light, FE245ZBB - Black Zebra Cire on Black, FE215TU - Turquoise Liquid Metallic, FE215RE - Red Liquid Metallic, FE215COP - Copper Liquid Metallic