How To Order

All fabrics and notions are listed and cut by US inches (in) and yards (yd).
Please mention during order conformation if you typically use the metric system. 
Conversions are necessary prior to cutting fabrics. Yards and Meters are NOT equal.

Phone Ordering:
Call 979-758-3100 anytime between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm CST, Monday thru Friday. 
If we are unavailble to answer phone please leave a message with your name and phone number, and we will return your call.

Print out a copy of our "Order Form" and complete. Fax order form to 979-758-9423. Be sure to include email and phone information so we can verify any questions regarding your order.

An order must be verified with customer either by phone or email and payment method cleared prior to completing and shipping the order. 

We accept American Express, Master Card, Visa, and Discovery Card.

International Shipping:
International shipping is available but shipping charges may vary based on location. Contact us via email or phone prior to placing an international order to verify costs. International orders have an additional $5 USD fee for customs forms.  Any import or duty fees/taxes are the responsibility of the customer.

Sales Tax:
Texas residents must pay 7.25% sales tax unless a valid "Sales and Use Tax Permit" is provided with order. 

Special Orders:
There is a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on all special orders.

We try to ensure accurate pricing and product availability on the website but errors may occur.  Customers will be notified at the time of order placement if an error or price change has occurred.


2018 Fabric Depot Order Form

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Shipping Within Continental USA:

We normally ship within 24 hours of recieving and verifying your order, Monday - Friday.  FED-EX* and UPS GROUND* are our normal shipping methods to anywhere in the continental U.S.  USPS Postal options are available for some orders based on location.  The best carrier for your needs will be discussed and chosen at the time of order.  These shipping methods typically take 2-5 days to arrive. 

UPS BLUE (2 day delivery) or UPS RED (1 day delivery) is also available. After placing your order, we will call you back with UPS BLUE or RED shipping charges which are dependent upon weight and box size of your box. 

International Shipping:
International shipping costs and delivery time varies by location and are shipped USPS.  For all International Orders there is an additional $5 USD fee for filling out customs forms.  If you are requesting shipment outside of the continental US call, write or email and we will calculate shipping for your order. 

*Fed Ex and UPS will NOT ship to PO Boxes!

Shipping chart examples apply only for shipping within the CONTINENTAL UNITED STATESInternational shipping costs and delivery time varies by location and are shipped USPS.  For all International Orders there is an additional $5 USD fee for filling out customs forms.  If you are requesting shipment outside of the continental US call, write or email and we will calculate shipping for your order. 

The following chart is an example for shipping UPS Ground within the Continental US. For each $100 include $24 shipping & handling.  Then add the shipping amount for the remaining merchandise balance.  Shipping Varies Slightly by Carrier.  We will confirm shipping costs and carrier at the time the order is placed.  The chart below is  a "Rule of Thumb" approximation. Actual charges may be less.

Shipping & Handling *

Example Multiple $100 Units
Order Total
Shipping Charge
MerchandiseShipping UPS Ground
$1 to $19.99$18
$20 to $39.99$21
$40 to $59.99$22
$60 to $79.99$23
$80 to $100$24
Total is $235 + $69 = $304
Above $100 see example


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Sample Sets:

Sample sets can be ordered for almost every type of fabric and elastic we carry.  A set includes all available colors or styles unless otherwise noted; availability of some fabrics or colors may change from the time samples were cut. Contact us for more information regarding sample options.
Price is $2 per set and includes shipping and handling within the US.

Print Lycra samples are available as individual cuts at $1 per sample.

Disclaimer: Our customers are very important to us and we want to provide the best service and products possible.  Fabric orders are considered "custom" orders, and cannot be returned or refunded once cut.  Fabric Depot has multiple steps in place to ensure the correct item is recieved  by customer.  Our quality control includes (but is not limited to): multi-step process of verifing orders via phone and email with customer prior to cutting, multiple people checking fabric for manufacturer defects as it is cut, multiple people verifying order as it is packaged, and using tracked and insured shipping.

Please contact Fabric Depot immediately if it appears an error within the shipment has occurred or if a shipment has not been received. And see tab "Manufacture Defects Info" for helpful images and definitions.

Tricot fabric is a minimal stretch, knit fabric. 

Fabric Depot's 40 denier Tricot is made of 100% Nylon fibers and manufactured in the United States. 

Image to the right shows knit and fibers at a microscopic level.

Selvage of Tricot 40 Denier
"Glue Dots" or "Sizing Dots" are normal during manufacturing process.
Tricot 40 Denier Microscipic View
Microscopic view of 40 denier tricot knit fabric

Sizing Dots are NOT considered a "defect" in any way, and are part of the normal manufacturing process. 

“Sizing Dots” (glue/sizing dots) are put on every yard of our 40 denier nylon tricot by the US manufacturing millSee image at left.

These are put down the selvages of the fabric to keep the edges from curling.  They tend to show up on some colors more then on other colors.  These are temporary and will eventually wear off and disappear with use and laundering.   If you want to speed up the “disappearing process”, you can wash and dry the fabric several times (using our washing instructions) and it will hasten the process. 

Nylon Tricot Washing Instructions:
You can safely wash about 20 yards (110" wide) of 40 denier nylon tricot fabric in most home washing machines (only 1 color at a time):
  1. Use plain Tide washing powder - NO fabric softener or bleach.
  2. Use a "gentle wash" setting with warm water for about 5 - 6 minutes of gentle agitation.  (It is not unusual for a little color to show up in the wash water for the first couple of washings.)
  3. Use "COLD" water rinse with "gentle" spin cycle.
  4. Untangle fabric and put in dryer for about 20 minutes on "genle/warm" with "cool down" end setting.
  5. Take out the "almost dry" fabric, untangle it, and put it back into the dryer for about 10 more minutes until completely dry. 
  6. Immediately after drying, take fabric out, untangle it, fluff it up a bit and you are ready to attach it to your apparatus for use.

Manufacturer Defect Example

Fabric Depot and its employees are committed to ensuring only the best fabric leaves our shop.  Our fabrics are checked multiple times by multiple people throughout the order process to ensure only quality fabric is sold. 

An example of what qualifies as a manufacturer defect in Tricot, 40 denier, is in the image to the right.  This is called a "dropped stitch" or "runner" and happens during the knitting (weaving) process. A dropped stitch is typically very long, running the entire width of the fabric. 

Abrasions and Snags

Abrasions and snags can occur in in any textile.  Activities that involve clamps, rigging, high friction, heat and extended sunlight exposure, velcro, finger nails, and jewelry can damage any textile and nylon tricot is no exception.  This type of fabric damage is not a manufacturer defect.  Please check each piece thouroughly upon the orders arrival and contact us immediately if you feel there is a problem with your order. 

Dropped Stitch in Tricot 40 Denier
Close-up image of "dropped stitch"

Tricot used for Aerial Silks Performances and Yoga Hammocks:

Fabric Depot's 40 Denier Nylon Tricot, manufactured in the USA, is a lingerie fabric used for aerial "silks" training and performances;
it is also commonly used for yoga hammocks.  Both of  these activities require specialty equipment and professional training for personal safety and equipment longevity.  Clamps, rigging, and friction can damage or degrade fabrics.  Jewelry, acrylic nails, and abrasive clothing can also cause damage to the fabric. It is vital to open orders immediately upon receipt and fully inspect each piece of fabric prior to use. 
ALWAYS seek training with a professional artist or instructor for personal safety.