Welcome to Fabric Depot!

Being a "Reformed Fabric-holic", I know what it is like to not be able to find a notion or fabric that my heart desires, but I just know has to be available!  I've spent the last 40 years searching out the nooks and crannies of suppliers hoping that I'd be able to use some of my research and "finds" to help others such as myself. 

Many of you have small businesses and don't need massive quantities of an item, but you still need to be able to buy at a discount.  Fabric Depot is the place you've been looking for! Our online catalog has quantity discounts available listed below the items.  If you need samples of any fabrics, please contact us and we will be delighted to send them to you (sample fees include U.S. shipping and handling).

Fabric Depot has a well rounded line of lycras, tricots, stretch laces, glistenets, powernets, elastics, notions, bra cups, underwires, patterns and much more.  We are constantly seeking sources for new items needed in the designing and sewing of swimsuits, lingerie, dance, skating and drill team costumes.  So if you don't see it online, ask us anyway...we just might have it!

2021 Presented us along with the rest of the world, with some difficult challenges, but we were able to keep our doors open and provide service to our customers.  We have a lot to be Thankful for in 2022.  We have GREAT HOPE, FAITH and LOVE for GOD and the United States of America.  We want to Thank our Service Men and Women for the excellent job that they do in keeping us safe. 

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